Bitcoin Satoshi Vision

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision

In the morning of November 17, syntBitcoin Satoshi Visionhetix, a synthetic asset distribution platform, announced the launch of a new program volume program. The program is designed to encourage local integration of synthetix protocol across defi platforms and protocols.

On December 7, the block released a research report that, in addition to bitcoin and Ethereum, and perhaps Tron (activities on the chain are driven by tether (usdt)), most projects with high market value have few activities on the chain. There is little evidence that other L1 chains are gaining meaningful driving forces.

Consensys is adding DAPP development platform trufflesuite to its Ethereum tools family, according to coindesk on November 17. Simon Morris, its Chief Strategic Officer, said the company had acquired the team and technology behind truffle. It is understood that this acquisition represents a kind of reunion. Truffle was born in the consensys system in 2015, but it was separated in 2019 and sold by equity for $3 million.

According to golden fruit data, in the past hour, okex has a total of 13.6847 million U.S. dollars; firecoin global station has a total of US $2012.94 million; currency security has a total of US $44.5199 million; and the BTC perpetual contract of bitmex platform has a total of US $11.435 million.

It was reported on December 2 that spaceswapceovladimir mentioned in his visit to the focus column of hyperpay that shadowstanding (also known as shadowfarming) will completely change the entire mining field of DFI, and introduce a new way to mortgage LP tokens. First, all tokens are held by users, making the whole mining process more secure and transparent. Second, it doesn't need to send tokens back and forth, almost eliminating gas fees. Users only need to log on the spaceswap official website, select the mortgage pool and enter uniswap to add liquidity to the corresponding pool. After obtaining LP tokens in the wallet, they return to spaceswap again and activate the mortgage pool. Without sending LP tokens to spaceswap, the system will automatically read the information from the user's wallet, so as to minimize the number of transactions, steps and gas fees.

The quarterly contract basis slightly recovered to around 236. The short-term sharp fluctuation of the market oBitcoin Satoshi Visionver the weekend enlarged the capital rate of the perpetual contract to 0.082%, and the total position of delivery and perpetual contract slightly increased to $1.3 billion. Analysts believe that the long position of elite in BTC delivery and perpetual contract will return to 19.8%, and the sentiment of elite long will recover. From the option contract data, the call / put active buying volume ratio rebounded to 0.89, and the short-term bullish sentiment increased.

In order to provide a better user experience, PROEX has updated the new contract on November 30. To use the PROEX contract trading or contract merchandising function, please switch the contract to the old contract in the settings; close the contract position and cancel the contract documentary, and then switch to the new contract in the contract switch to use the new contract successfully. If the above two functions are not used, no additional operation is required. PROEX will continue to take the customer as the starting point, carry out the system and functional modification, and provide the best trading experience.

Other business lines such as usdt contract, currency standard contract, hybrid contract and currency transaction will not be affected.

In terms of market, today's defi token rose generally, and the top three increases of Defa currency on okex platform were waves, DIA and CVP;

MACD fast and slow line golden fork divergence upward. Yesterday, the market hit 16500 first-line pressure correction, the bottom touched 16000 to get support, the weekend rate maintained 16000-16500 range oscillation, did not fall below 16000, the general direction is still upward trend, short-term maintain weak callback, the lower focus on 16100, 16000, the upper focus on 16300, 16500. The recent market volatility is large, pay attention to risk control.