ASIC Bitcoin mining

ASIC Bitcoin mining

Ge YASIC Bitcoin mininguesheng stated that Matrixport will use its company's relationship and expertise with Bitmain to meet the needs of crypto miners. Bitmain still occupies the number one strategic partner on the Matrixport website, and other strategic partners such as, ANTPOOL, and BITDEER are also companies in the Bitmain ecosystem.

The BlockchainLuxembourgSA report also found that the United States and Europe are the most popular locations for various stablecoin project teams. Currently, there are 19 such project teams in the United States and 13 in Europe. In Europe, Switzerland is the most popular location with 5 projects there, followed by the United Kingdom with 3 projects.

But Daurgothoth's story ends here. In the end, whether he insisted on his own ideas, how his zero-fiat life was going on, no one knows; because not long after publishing this post, Daurgothoth deleted his Reddit account. .

For most people, they always buy rubbish. They really don't have any vision, and they can't judge the trend at all. (On the other hand, listening to other people's choices is actually a bit silly). Acknowledge your mediocrity, not negativity, but don't deny yourself too much, learn to face the market correctly and position yourself in this market.

The time span of the second round of BTC price cycle is from November 2011 to August 2015, lasting 1377 days. The upward phase was from November 2011 to November 2013 and lasted 743 days, and the downward phase was from November 2013 to August 2015, which lasted 634 days.

Bitcoin's volatility leads to the same return in the same time period, which hurts Bitcoin's safe haven story. A safe haven must be stable. Investors will feel safe when storing wealth in their assets. Bitcoin's unpredictability and instability make an uncertain investment not a safe haven at all. Bitcoin now or never will prove that it can compete with ASIC Bitcoin mininggold.