Second bitcoin decision

Second bitcoin decision

On October 16, 2018, a bitcoin user moved $194 million worth of bitcoins at a price of $0.10 per block. If this transaction is placed in a non-encrypted field, even PayPal and bank transfer fees As low as 1%, there is still an additional cost of US$1.Second bitcoin decision94 million.

Alice can first hand the $20 to the cashier and ask him to deduct the tip, and then give her the $5 change-the remaining $1.5 as a tip. On the Bitcoin network, we can also consolidate the number of transactions by adding additional output to the original transaction. According to Harding, each additional output consumes 34 bytes. Therefore, when Alice pays her meal expenses (output #1) and tips (output #) in batches, the Bitcoin network will require 260 bytes to complete the transaction—and if Alice does it in two separate transactions, then It requires 452 bytes. Similar to Segregated Witness, the idea behind transaction batching is to free up more block space so that more data can be placed in a block.

ETF is an abbreviation. The first letter is exchange, the second letter is traded, and the third letter is funds, so the full Chinese name of ETF: exchange-traded fund. In short, an ETF is an investment fund that is linked to the price of the underlying asset (commodities, indexes, bonds or other assets), such as index funds, which are traded on exchanges and can be used by retail investors and institutional investors.

In this round of bitcoin prices plummeted, in addition to losses for holders, users who participated in virtual currency contract transactions also suffered heavy losses. Statistics from the virtual currency data platform show that as of the evening of May 10, a total of 20,000 people had liquidated their positions within 24 hours, and the amount of liquidated positions reached US$3.4 billion, equivalent to nearly 6 billion yuan. By 17:00 on May 11, there were still 12,302 people liquidating their positions within 24 hours, with a total liquidation amount of about 500 million yuan.

However, in 2017, under the dominance of Core, Bitcoin chose the small main link line of non-market evolution through Segregated Witness and Lightning Network. A few people who firmly oppose this route, including me, have chosen the path of expansion, and this is how Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born. The BCH community does not oppose the Lightning Network, but believes that the development and use of the main chain should be given priority when the main chain space is sufficient.

When it comes to invariant checking, developers tend to trust the existing Ether in the current contract, but in fact it can be manipulated by external users ignoring the internal rules of the contract. Moreover, when developers are learning Solidity, they are prone to misunderstanding that a contract can only receive Ether through the payable function, and does not consider receiving Ether without executing any function. Such contracts are very vulnerable to exploits that force Ether to be sent to the contract. It reallySecond bitcoin decision fulfilled the old saying, that money can make ghosts grind.

The third is the SPV wallet node. This kind of node usually only cares about the part of the transaction related to the address in its own wallet, and will not download the complete blockchain, so it is also called a light node. Wallets are usually installed on mobile devices and have limited resources, so they are suitable for light nodes. Light nodes can initiate Simple Payment Verification (SPV) and request data from all nodes to verify transactions.